March 2023
Over 30,000 Hot, Nutritious Meals Served
May 2021
The Season of COVID.
April 2020
We will miss our first Coordinator – Margaret Firth.
December 2019
Participating at the Canadian Open.
April 2019
Congratulations to Janice and Megan for their leadership this Season.
December 2018
"Ride for Refuge" - another great fundraiser.
April 2018
In memory of Pam Will.
December 2017
Glenn starts his second year as Executive Director.
April 2016
Be sure to read the very interesting and thoughtful comments from our Guests.
November 2015
We bid Farewell and Happy
Retirement to the Coordinator
who has been with us since
the beginning.
April 2015
Over 15,000 dinners and over
9,000 breakfasts served.
November 2014
We join Twitter and Facebook.
April 2014
So many schools, businesses,
religious groups, organizations
and individuals to thank.
November 2013
The "Ancaster Film Fest" has
been our sponsor for many years.
April 2013
A Prayer from a Guests:
"May God feed those who feed others."

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