This FAQ page is for volunteers
who have offered to help
with the RBC Canadian Open.
Thank You!


No, however each concession stand must have a minimum of one person with their ‘Smart Serve’ certificate at all times.
The schedules are prepared to insure this requirement.

A Smart Serve certificate can be obtained through ‘Online Training’ or ‘In Class Training’. There is a fee that the volunteer is responsible for. For more information, go to the Smart Serve website –

There is no cost to our volunteers.
Note: Volunteers who work directly for the ‘RBC Canadian Open’ pay a fee and for that fee they receive a volunteer package. This does not apply to us.
We work for an organization called ‘Spectrum Events’. This organization arranges many large events across the country.

We will contact all volunteers whenever there is news to distribute. The closer we get to the tournament, the more we will be in touch.
If you need information sooner, please contact Gwen Todd.

As with any day at Hamilton Out of the Cold, we depend on our volunteers to show up when expected. However, unplanned absences can occur.
If you can not make your scheduled assignment, please let Gwen Todd know as soon as possible.
If you are sick, please stay home.

Dress for the weather. The concession stand will protect us from rain and sun.
We encourage all volunteers to wear HOOTC T-shirts, baseball caps and any other clothing that will promote Hamilton Out of the Cold.

The tournament takes place at the
Hamilton Golf & Country Club.
Monday, June 3 – Sunday, June 9, 2019

We will receive 10% of our gross net sales (gross sales less sales tax) plus 100% of any tips. All funds go directly to HOOTC.
There are many factors that affect sales – crowd size, weather and length of sale time.

Volunteers will be scheduled to work a 4-6 hour shift.
Schedules are not yet determined.
Concession stands will close at the END OF PLAY each day.
Priority will be given to volunteers with a “Smart Serve” certification.
Schedules will be announced well before the event.

  1. Must have total complement of people working during the times designated on staff schedule.
  2. Must be familiar with pricing, legal drinking age and location of the toilet and handwashing facilities.
  3. Your organization must be within a 2% margin of error matching actual sales with inventory sales.
  4. The consumption of alcoholic beverages (by volunteers) is prohibited – the use of profanity is prohibited.

Parking is free in the volunteer parking lot. Shuttle buses are available. Please allow extra time prior to your shift to get from the parking lot to the concession stand.

Minimum age to volunteer is 18.

Our job is to cook, sell and serve food and beverages.