Z_Home – Ride for Refuge 2018

Hamilton Out of the Cold just finished its 20th Season ~ Ta-daa!

Thank you. All of you!
The warmth, you…all of you, exude,
Tickles my spirit, and soul!
Tears of joy…
I feel blessed, having bounced into you!
From my heart, And my children’s hearts -
Thank you. ~HOOTC’s Guest

It is essential, always, to be mindful that what we do as an organization and why we do it begins and ends with our guests.

There will, at all times be challenges as we strive to serve, and serve well; but in the busyness of what is always a season at HOOTC, that message from one of our Guests serves as a reminder of where our focus should lie. It’s an expression of precisely how important the program is and how deeply it can affect the lives of those we serve.

We must acknowledge and are forever thankful for our group of extraordinary and dedicated 400+ volunteers. We would not, could not, run such a successful program without their devotion and kindness. HOOTC volunteers truly are the very best.

As we begin this new season together, we look forward with anticipation, to continuing to provide hot, nutritious meals for those in need ~ serving our guests with dignity and compassion.

Warmly and with Thankful Heart
Janice Ormond
Executive Director
I am thrilled to be the new Executive Assistant at Hamilton Out of the Cold. Since I started in September I have really enjoyed getting to meet some of the hard working volunteers that make the Hamilton Out of the Cold program possible. I love being a part of such a special organization.

As we close our doors to another season at
Hamilton Out of the Cold,
we leave you with the following:

Meals Served this Season





Total Meals


Invisible Insecurity

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